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ADAPT Early Career Researchers Association

AECRA seeks to bring together young researchers by creating a supportive framework to facilitate communication, collaborations and involvement throughout the ADAPT community and beyond.


  • Generate a forum allowing early career researchers to share their knowledge, information, skills, expertise and experiences;
  • Facilitate collaboration and support among graduate students, postdoctoral and other early career researchers of the ADAPT program;
  • Stimulate interdisciplinary research by coordinating and discussing co-operative strategies to achieve top-quality Arctic field work, protocols as well as laboratory and data analyses;
  • Promote education and outreach activities;
  • Contribute to build northern capacity by engaging northerners and favouring community-based research;
  • Cooperate with existing northern student and early career organizations such as APECS and ArcticNet.


All ADAPT students and postdoctoral fellows shall automatically be members of the ADAPT Early Career Researcher Association. Other ADAPT HQPs are encouraged to be involved in the association, as well as early career researchers outside of ADAPT who share common interests. Northerners involved in ADAPT activities are also welcome.

Frédéric Bouchard
Scientific coordinator

Alison Cassidy
Scientific coordinator

Ashley Rudy
Communications agent

Bethany Deshpande
Communications and outreach

Julie Malenfant-Lepage
Communications / outreach agent

Michel Paquette
Network agent / Event coordinator

AECRA short-term goals:

  • Web site for AECRA / Facebook
    • Newsfeed / Publication feed
    • Executive members list & contact information
    • Network of expertise (medium term goal)
  • Methodology implementation for the AECRA protocols
    • Material
    • Set-up help / method
  • Establish a discussion with national/international associations
  • Establish permanent contact with programs developing outreach opportunities

AECRA medium- and long-term goals:

  • Network of ECR expertise
  • Hold AECRA executive meetings regularly and follow up on objectives
  • Organize a student-oriented workshop
  • Link with PAGE21


PYRN - Permafrost Young Researchers Network

APECS - Association of Polar Early Career Scientists

Page 21 - Changing Permafrost in the Arctic and its Global Effects in the 21st Century


CEN - Centre for Northern Studies

Canadian Circumpolar Institute

Arctic Connection

Interact (previously Scannet)


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