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Lakes are drying at an unprecedented rate - Le fil des événements, 29 November 2013,

The research of Frédéric Bouchard (PDF), Brent Wolfe and Reinhard Pienitz on Arctic lakes reported in Le fil des événements, the official journal of Université Laval.

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Desiccated lakes in Wapusk National Park near Churchill, northern Manitoba (Canada). Geographic coordinates: 58° N; 93° W. Desiccation of shallow lakes located in low-relief, open-tundra catchments has occurred recently in response to lower-than-average snowmelt runoff in recent years. This appears to be unprecedented over the past ~200 years [Bouchard et al. 2013, Geophysical Research Letters, ms# 2013GL058635]. Photo taken by H.White, July 2013.

Thawing permafrost a growing problem for Iqaluit airport - CBC News North, March 21th, 2013.

Manager wants more information on ground below runway as renovations are slated to start soon. Thawing permafrost is a growing problem for the Iqaluit airport, especially as the airport is about to undergo major renovations. Permafrost researchers have produced a map that shows where climate change could most affect Iqaluit. It shows most parts of the city are on stable ground, but one area of concern is the Iqaluit airport.

"The layer that thaws every summer now gets deeper because of climate warming, so it affects the buried ice masses in the ground, and when they melt the ground collapses on top." said Michel Allard, permafrost expert.

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Paul Grogan interviewed by by Dr. Robert Rose - Rewiring your Brain - on plant and ecosystem ecology, March 7th, 2013.

"I am particularly interested in evaluating the physical, chemical and biological controls that regulate the ecology and biogeochemical cycling of terrestrial ecosystems. Biogeochemistry links biology and the flows of energy and nutrients on Earth, and so provides a central foundation on which to explore many questions in ecosystem ecology."

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Paul Grogan's radio interview on northern research at Daring Lake with CBC North, January 2012.

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