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About us / Objectives


The main objective of ADAPT is to generate a transformative new vision of permafrost, at multiple levels. At the broadest level, it will give rise to the new field of Integrated Permafrost Systems Science (see next section), and through this framework will yield significant, step-change advances in three aspects: 1) fundamental new insights into permafrost as a coupled physical-biotic-human system; 2) new conceptual understanding and quantitative models of permafrost as a biogeochemically reactive part of the planetary system; and 3) new mechanistic models of permafrost geophysical dynamics that can be used to improve Northern development and adaptation strategies.

The specific objectives of ADAPT are:

  • to examine how changing precipitation and warming temperatures affect permafrost geosystems and ecosystems, specifically by testing hypotheses concerning the influence of the snowpack, the effects of water as a conveyor of heat, sediments, and carbon in warming permafrost terrain and the processes of permafrost decay.
  • to interact directly with Inuit communities, the public sector and the private sector by placing our work in the context of geosystems and ecosystem services, including the improvement of environmental impact assessments for northern development and engineering strategies for development and adaptation.
  • to train the new generation of experts and scientists (HQPs) in this critical domain of research in Canada and to favour the capacity building in northern communities throughout dedicated outreach and research activities.